Crisis Management in Microfinance during Covid-19

As part of its Knowledge Management mandate, PMIC compiled a good practice note titled – An Account of Sound Crisis Management in Microfinance during Covid-19. This study captures and shares experiences of JWS Pakistan, a leading MFI in Central Punjab, during the pandemic and how it has been able to maintain portfolio quality and meet client expectations in an effective manner.

PMIC conducted a Webinar on this theme, where-by in addition to sharing of highlights from the study, a panel of distinguished speakers and experts from microfinance shared their views on how the sector has been affected by the COVID19 crisis, how MFPs have responded to the challenge, what has worked and what has not worked for them during last 12 months.

Honorable speakers from the SECP and SBP, the regulatory authorities for microfinance sector also shared their thoughts on the response to the crisis from a policy and regulatory perspective to stabilize the economy

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