PPAF held 9th Amtul Raqeeb Awards, on the 14th of March, 2022

PPAF held the 9th Amtul Raqeeb Awards 2022

Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund held the 9th Amtul Raqeeb Awards, on the 14th of March,2022 which is an annual event to honour women leaders from rural areas of Pakistan. Mr. Yasir Ashfaq, CEO of PMIC attended the award [ceremony, and speaking on the occasion he stated that the women’s rights movement is bringing social, cultural, and economic changes which are far bigger than any other revolution. An important thing to note is that unlike many other revolutions in the past this revolution is nonviolent

He appreciated the efforts of the winners of the Amtul Raqeeb awards for being at the forefront in the fight against the covid pandemic. He also congratulated all the winners and PPAF for organizing these awards for women.


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