PMIC Organizes Training Of Trainers On Cash Flow Based

PMIC has recently organized a Training of Trainers on Cash Flow Based Appraisal Tool for credit staff of its borrowing institutions. The training was delivered by a Financial Sector Specialist, Mr. Bilal Ahmad, the objective is to develop the capacity of the credit staff to adopt cash flow-based appraisal techniques. This training aims to enable the credit staff to lend out larger size loans to Micro and Small Enterprise clients while conducting thorough analysis of their incomes, expenses and repayment capacity. This tool greatly helps in mitigating the risk(s) associated with larger size loans and helps determine the amount and tenure of loans as per client’s capacity. The training was attended by around 20 credit officers, branch and area managers and credit compliance staff from Safco Support Foundation and AMRDO Foundation.

This training is part of PMIC’s Enterprise Development project which entails lending larger size loans to high end Micro and low end Small enterprises. PMIC aims to strengthen the enterprise sector of Pakistan by enabling access to capital for enterprises, which find it difficult to get loans from financial institutions as they lack immovable collateral, audited financial statements and business plans. PMIC’s initiative is part of Government’s agenda of promoting the microenterprise sector of Pakistan, especially considering the recently issued State Bank of Pakistan circular which now allows the MFBs to lend loans up-to PKR 1 Million to SME clients. PMIC, in collaboration with its Borrowers, Donor Agencies and Government of Pakistan is striving hard to meet the financing needs of the SME sector of Pakistan strengthen the economy further.

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