Microfinance Plus Products

Technical Advisory Services

PMIC will offer Technical Assistance (TA) services to its Partner Institutions encompassing product need identification, design of innovative need based products and services, conduct of research, formulation of linkages, capacity building among others. PMIC aims to design and implement sector wide initiatives which are innovative, market-based, abiding by international best practices, technologically savvy and, above all, are beneficiary-centric.

PMIC envisages to invest in the following microfinance plus initiatives:

Value Chains

PMIC plans to invest in various business verticals including agriculture handicrafts and small enterprises addressing challenges like access to financial services, capacity building, knowledge gaps, linkage and access to markets throughout the value chains


As a sector developer of microfinance industry in Pakistan, PMIC aims to play a lead role in convening all stakeholders like regulator, insurance industry, microfinance service providers, public and private sector entities and most importantly clients to design sustainable, scalable, affordable and flexible micro-insurance (health, livestock, crop, assets) products.

Renewable Energy

PMIC will play an important role in addressing the energy shortage in the country by introducing well designed microfinance based renewable energy solutions for households in both on grid and off grid areas of the country. It will liaise with RE solution providers, microfinance institutions, technology companies and would set quality standards to ensure provision of affordable and durable solutions to the clients. Capacity building of service providers, awareness raising among clients and trainings of technicians to handle renewable energy products would be key areas of focus under the initiative.

Housing Finance for Microfinance Clients:

Provision of long term financing to microfinance providers to cater to the low cost housing needs of the microfinance clients would be priority area for PMIC. The financing lines would cater to both the construction and expansion of the housing infrastructure of the clients and would encourage MFIs/MFBs to extend long mortgage products for the purpose.

Education through Microfinance

PMIC implements ‘education through microfinance’ approach wherein low cost private school entrepreneurs are provided with a specialized microfinance loan to improve the quality of education, infrastructure, teaching methods and curriculum. The selection criterion of schools is based on its cashflows, profitability, years of operation, retention of students, educational attainment levels and results. Another important component of this initiative includes capacity building of entrepreneurs and teachers.