Empowering Dreams: Shabana’s Triumph Over Financial Adversity

 Shabana, a skilled maker of wooden stamps for fabric printing, faced significant challenges after her husband became a drug addict and stopped working. As a mother of three, the situation was difficult for Shabana, and her business was faltering. But with the help of the CSC Women Empowerment Program a borrower of PMIC, Shabana was able to stabilize her business and get things back on track.

She took a loan of 150,000/- which she invested in equipment such as wood-cutting machines, increasing her working capacity and allowing her to take on more orders. Her profits grew, allowing her to afford an education for her children and meet their daily demands. With the stabilization of her business, Shabana was even able to start her husband’s treatment, which he is now receiving under care and supervision at a rehabilitation center.

Through her hard work and determination, Shabana has overcome significant challenges and achieved success. PMIC is proud to have played a role in Shabana’s journey, and we remain committed to empowering women like her through financial inclusion. As a wholesale lender, we continue to provide crucial financing to lending institutions across the country, enabling them to provide affordable and accessible loans to people like Shabana.