Ms. Kalsoom

Ms. Kalsoom belongs to a small town called “Narang Mandi” in the vicinity of Sheikhupura district. She is Christian by faith and prepares artificial jewelry (mostly bangles) of wide range. Prior to starting their own work, her husband used to work on kiln on daily wage basis while Kalsoom used to prepare ornaments on the basis of daily wages as well. Almost three years ago they decided to prepare their own products and sell in the market for greater returns. As of now, she has expanded her business setup and employed fifteen (15) persons on wage basis from the community with sales as high as PKR 180,000 per month.

Kalsoom explained that her success is due to the timely availability of financing from JWS Pakistan, a borrower of PMIC and has proved handy to meet the financing requirements. She has been facing lack of skilled workforce in the past. Therefore, she has established a small training center to train new women workers.

Through this business, Ms. Kalsoom has been able to build their separate home and have provided a job opportunity to 15 persons of her area. She is very energetic to expand her business further.