Fehmida, the embodiment of resilience, defies adversity with unwavering determination. Her inspiring journey showcases her tenacity in building a prosperous future for her family. Supported by a borrower of PMIC, Fehmida embarked on an empowering path in embroidery.

With a loan of Rs. 70,000, Fehmida delved into embroidery, driven by her passion for creating a sustainable income. Through sheer dedication, she generated revenue to support her household and repay the loan promptly. Unfortunately, devastating floods wreaked havoc, damaging her house and interrupting her embroidery work.

Recognizing the plight of flood-affected individuals, SMCL and Pakistan Microfinance Investment Company (PMIC) extended a lifeline, granting Fehmida Rs. 20,000. This support allowed her to rebuild her life and resume her entrepreneurial journey. Harnessing her resilience and newfound support, Fehmida diversified into animal husbandry. This new venture proved fruitful, enabling her to earn a decent income once again and regain stability.

Fehmida’s story exemplifies the power of determination, grit, and timely support. She transformed adversity into growth, inspiring others with her success. Her journey highlights the transformative effect even a small grant can have on lives confronted with difficult circumstances.