Farzana Arshad

Ms. Farzana Arshad belongs to Feroz Watwan, a town near Sheikhupura district. She is a mother of 4 children and manufactures shoes of different varieties along with her husband and their business has seen sales going as high as 720,000 per month. Their business is also a source of employment for 4 persons.

Availability of finance was a key challenge for them and services of PMIC’s borrower, JWS Pakistan proved very helpful. Currently, they are going through the fourth (4th) loan cycle and the money was invested in the business gradually helped them in enhancing their business.

Farzana and her husband are relying on other people for cutting of raw material and pressing machine. This puts barriers to their production. She now plans to further enhance the production. She has kept a sight on her future business enhancement and growth plans – she with the support of her husband and loans from PMIC’s borrowers plans for installing a leather cutting & press Machine, building their own shoe brand, targeting more clients outside Feroz Watwan, Engaging with some basic marketing activities.

Through their business, Ms. Farzana and her husband have been able to meet the wedding expenses of their daughter, improved their savings and are meeting the educational expenses of their 2 children.