Saqib Khan’s Success Story

PMIC aim is to uplift the social and economic conditions of its clients by promoting financial inclusion in Pakistan to alleviate poverty and contribute to broad based development.

Saqib khan a transgender a B.Sc. (Hons) in Economics is a true example of PMIC’s vision and mission. Saqib Khan decided to start his own tailoring work after being turned down for employment multiple time. He offers services to locals and jobs for transgender. Saqib received motorbike on installments through Apni Sawari Loan under CEIP’s Transition project funded by PMIC, which empowers transgenders.

Saqib feels privileged that despite being a transgender, PMIC’s vision of inclusiveness has helped him own a bike.

Saqib Khan says: “I am independent and self-sufficient now and can manage my daily chores myself for running my tailoring shop. I encourage all transgenders around to get educated and start a livelihood for their own with PMIC’s support like myself, for their self-respect, dignity and inclusiveness in society.”