Saba Jabbar

Resilience and Reinvention: Saba’s Inspirational Journey from Jewellery Making Widow to Empowering Entrepreneur

Saba Jabbar and her husband were in the business of jewellery making. After the death of her husband, Saba took over the business and started running it herself. As a mother of three, it was difficult for Saba to provide for her three children. With time and effort, Saba started running the business to support her children through her earnings.

However, with no savings left by her husband, it was difficult for her to keep the business running. This is when she approached CSC, a borrower of PMIC for a loan to add some money to her business.

Following this Saba was able to expand her business. Currently, she has employed a total of 30 women out of which 4 workers work from her residence and the rest work from home, making jewelry which Saba sells in Moti Bazaar, a renowned market in Lahore.