5 Years of Growth, Success, Innovation & Excellence

PMIC, a wholesale finance entity and an important pillar of the National Financial Inclusion Strategy of Pakistan focuses on promoting poverty alleviation initiatives through Microfinance Institutions and Banks (MFIs & MFBs) PMIC has served 5 successful years of improving employment and livelihood opportunities for marginalized segments in the country especially women and youth.

Furthering its mission, PMIC has successfully closed advisory & arranged mandates for MFBs. These transactions are a continuation of PMIC’s efforts to channel liquidity to sector stakeholders with the overarching aim to meet the unmet demand for financial services through different financial instruments.

PMIC realized the need of some of the institutions in the microfinance sector, especially after COVID19, require tier I and tier II capital; PMIC is working, supporting, and collaborating with such institutions to meet their demand.

PMIC has a sound and successful portfolio management over the last 5 years with 83 % active loan borrowers are women improving their livelihood. PMIC being futuristic and foreseeing the need of the future is currently working on Social Impact Fund, Challenge Fund, and other initiatives that would help in meeting the demand of the sector and reduce the cost of delivery.

5 years of togetherness, happiness, making dreams come true, sharing, trust, durability & reliability.