PMIC Board Member Ms. Christiane Schmidt visits the field

PMIC Board Member Ms. Christiane Schmidt and members of PMIC’s management visited the field operations of a PMIC Borrower in Rawalpindi. During her visit, Ms. Schmidt attended a focus group discussion with women clients and discussed aspects related to loan processing, utilization, challenges and impact on the lives of the clients. She also asked them for their suggestions on improvement in microfinance operations of the borrower and loan product. Ms. Schmidt was excited to see the level of women empowerment, entrepreneurial spirit and financial independence of the group.

Following the discussion, the team also visited a low-cost private school wherein the entrepreneur had obtained a loan from the borrower to improve the school infrastructure and curriculum. Ms. Schmidt interacted with students and staff of the school to gain an insight into the school operations and quality of education. She also held a meeting with the branch staff and appreciated the staff’s overall commitment to promote financial inclusion, understanding of microfinance industry and motivation level.