Consultative Workshop on the Sindh Renewable Energy Development Project (SREDP)

Sindh Energy Department in collaboration with World Bank organized a two-day consultative workshop on Sindh Renewable Energy Development Project (SREDP) in Karachi on August 1, 2017 and August 2, 2017. The workshop aimed at bringing together the relevant public and private sector stakeholders to discuss the status, implementation models, opportunities and challenges in the off-grid and rooftop solar PV space in the context of Sindh Province. 

PMIC was represented by Mr. Yasir Ashfaq, Chief Operating Officer and Mr. Saqib Siddiqui, Head of Sector Development. Being part of the panel discussion on “Rural & Off-grid Solutions”, Mr. Yasir Ashfaq introduced PMIC to the audience as a wholesale provider of funds for the microfinance sector with a double bottom line focus and that Renewable Energy is a key priority area of intervention for PMIC. He informed the audience that PMIC is already interacting with key stakeholders including development agencies, financiers, vendors and microfinance practitioners to direct efforts towards implementation of microfinance based solar home systems in the off-grid areas of the country. He also reiterated that the private sector has a vital role to meet the energy needs of the country and that PMIC is already at the forefront in this regard.