CEO PMIC hosts Iftar Dinner for Microfinance Institutions in Lahore

CEO PMIC Mr. Shahid Mustafa hosted an Iftar Dinner in Karachi for the Chief Executives of Microfinance Institutions based in Punjab. Senior Management of PMIC and Chief Executives/Senior Management of Kashf Foundation (KF), Development Action for Mobilization & Emancipation (DAMEN), CSC Empowerment and Inclusion Programme (CEIP), Rural Community Development Programme (RCDP), Jinnah Welfare Society (JWS), AGAHE Pakistan, Mojaz Support Programme (MSP), Soon Valley Development Program (SVDP), Punjab Rural Support Programme (PRSP) and FINCA Microfinance Bank attended the dinner. The participants discussed PMIC’s role in the microfinance sector, future strategy for enhancing capacity of the organizations, emerging trends and opportunities in the microfinance sector of Pakistan.