Pakistan Microfinance Investment Company

About Us

Company Profile

Pakistan Microfinance Investment Company Limited (PMIC) is a national-level apex institution for microfinance providers in the country. PMIC was established as an important pillar of the National Financial Inclusion Strategy formulated by the Government of Pakistan in May 2015. Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund, Karandaaz Pakistan (KRN) and KfW development Bank together created PMIC – a partnership driven by passion for progress and a commitment to serving Pakistanis at the bottom of the pyramid.


A Pakistani society where the underserved are empowered.


Provide financial and institutional services to strengthen and scale-up provision of sustainable and responsible access to finance to individuals, micro-entrepreneurs and micro-enterprises in Pakistan to enhance employment and income opportunity for economically poor and underserved citizens and improve the lives of the poor.

Core Values

Respect & Integrity

Ensuring high standards of respect and integrity within PMIC and making them an integral part of the organizational DNA

Team Work

Working collaboratively with PMIC team members in order to achieve individual and organizational goals

Transparency & Merit

Providing the highest level of disclosure and transparency to all Stakeholders


Promote inclusion in PMIC and with our borrowers. Thus, help build sound & sustainable institutions that try to meet the needs of undeserved

Passion, Innovation & Creativity

To be passionate about PMIC and its agenda to add value to Pakistan MF sector whilst encouraging and contributing towards innovation and scaling of market-driven institutions

Thematic Areas

Women and Youth

We focus on economic empowerment of all segments of the population with special emphasis on women and youth which constitute 49% and 60% of the total population of Pakistan, respectively.

Rural Areas

We take access to finance to areas where financial inclusion remains low.

Digital Pathways

We embrace digital advancements at the institutional level and for clients to facilitate access to finance in an efficient manner.

Employment Generation

We harness the potential to create new jobs through micro-enterprises and increase income of poorer sections of the society.

Strategic Goals

Develop a commercially viable organization that provides capital for the development of microfinance and other institutions focused on financial inclusion in Pakistan

Accelerate growth and promote professionalism of microfinance institutions in Pakistan

To become a leading-edge provider of tailor-made solution to microfinance institutions through a combination of financing and capacity development support

Promote responsible finance with focus on client protection and environmental and social safeguards

Contribute to a robust financial ecosystem leading to a sustainable microfinance sector

Salient features

A commercial (for-profit) structure with the potential to raise funds from local commercial and capital markets, international funds, MIVs, private investors etc.

Strong supervisory framework with diverse and experienced board and management with experience of working with the retail microfinance sector.

Ability to provide market based financing to microfinance providers serving micro and small enterprises in Pakistan potentially accompanied by technical assistance.

Provide Technical Assistance (TA) to support innovation, development of product lines to support renewable energy, housing finance, creation and strengthening of value chains as well as mitigation of sector wide risks through contributions in policy and enabling environment for microfinance.

Ensuring access to financial services to women and youth leading to enhanced financial inclusion and inclusive economic growth.